Podcast "Brand table" looks behind the scenes of marketing

With the "brand table" the Zug agency Tincan launches together with the sponsor Cyon a monthly podcast for marketing interested people.

In the first episode of "Brand Table": Seraina Knobel, EVZ, and Marketing Manager and Markus Krienbühl, FC Luzern.

In the first episode of "Brand Table," everything revolves around the topic of sports marketing. Seraina Knobel from the EVZ and Markus Krienbühl from the FCL give exciting insights into their daily work and talk about their target groups, social media and what is particularly important in their industry.

  Every month, the Zug-based marketing agency Tincan meets with two marketing experts from one industry to talk about their day-to-day work at the brand table. The exciting discussions can be listened to via the podcast of the same name on all known streaming services and promise new inputs as well as exciting specialist know-how for those interested in marketing. "With the Markentisch, we want to take our listeners into the world of marketing and provide them with versatile insights into clever strategies, challenging projects and smart approaches from various companies, organizations and associations," says moderator Nina Stadelmann, Marketing Consultant at Tincan.

"Podcasts are an increasingly important component in a complete and holistic communication strategy and a promising medium for the future. They are ideally suited to learn something new in between and to be inspired for the daily work in marketing."

Sports marketing at FC Lucerne and the Swiss ice hockey champions EVZ

In the first episode of the podcast, which was released on January 20, the two highly publicized sports of soccer and ice hockey meet. Head of Marketing and Sponsorship Activation Seraina Knobel from EVZ, the 2021 Swiss ice hockey champion, and Head of Marketing and Media Markus Krienbühl from FC Luzern share their experiences in sports marketing at the brand table. They will give the audience an insight into how marketing success is measured at the two sports clubs, which marketing strategies have proven successful, what role social media plays in their day-to-day work, and how they best reach their target group.

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