Zeam and Link realize representative study on Gen Z in Switzerland

The Zeam agency and the market research company Link are jointly producing the first representative study of Generation Z in Switzerland and Germany. The study aims to find out what demands and expectations young people have in the world of work and which marketing measures can really reach them. The study is to be published in the first quarter of 2022.

Launching the Gen Z study together: Stefan Reiser, Managing Director Marketing Research and member of the Executive Board at Link, Stefanie Brunner, Head of Human Resources, Marketing & Communication and member of the extended Executive Board at Link, Michelle Müller, Business Intern at Zeam, and Jo Dietrich, Co-Founder of Zeam. (Image: zVg.)

With 1.4 million people, Generation Z is the largest generation in Switzerland. Gen Z is already shaping the economy and society today - and this trend will intensify even more in the coming years. The generation represents both urgently needed talent for the labor market and a target group with high purchasing power.

How does this generation want to work, on which channels can you reach them, and which products excite them? Very few companies have an answer to these questions. One reason for this is that to date there has been no representative study of this target group that can provide facts in a business context. For this reason, the market research company Link and the Gen-Z agency Zeam have teamed up to create the first scientific basis for decision-makers.

One part of the study will deal with the topic of the "workplace of the future" and show how companies can attract, activate and retain young talent. The other part of the study will focus on which marketing measures are relevant for companies to make contact with young people and win them over as customers in the long term. Do young people see my advertising poster? Which social media are relevant? How do influencers succeed in provoking a purchase decision among young Swiss people? These questions are to be answered so that the relevance of various marketing measures can ultimately be determined in relation to young people.

As part of the study, around 2,000 people from Generation Z in Switzerland and Germany will be surveyed. In addition, people from older generations will be included in order to identify possible differences. The study was extended to include Germany, as this neighboring country is very closely linked to Switzerland in economic terms. The study also aims to determine how the views and needs of Generation Z differ in the two countries.

"All existing studies merely confirm the obvious. Together with Link, we can create a foundation that is not just "about" Generation Z, but "with them". Our ambition is to create a tool for marketing and HR. We want to give marketing professionals a steering wheel they can use to allocate budgets effectively. HR professionals should receive a playbook with which they can assert themselves in the war for talent," explains Jo Dietrich, Co-Founder of Zeam .

Stefanie Brunner, Head of Human Resources, Marketing & Communication and member of the extended management team at Link, adds: "Together we dare to take a look inside the heads of digital natives, explore unconscious attitudes and behavior patterns, and reveal their special features and characteristics. In this way, we bring the voice of Generation Z to the table with decision-makers from management, marketing and HR."

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