Radio Energy and Scount launch a Christmas scavenger hunt

Together with Radio Energy, the shopping app Scount is launching a scavenger hunt in Zurich. Via AR, participants can win vouchers and cash that are hidden all over the city.

Technologies such as augmented reality have created new ways to play games. In the long-hyped app "Pokémon GO," for example, players could use AR to catch Pokémons as if they were actually standing in front of the user.

The shopping app "Scount" uses AR technology to show users suitable deals in their surroundings. Users can see at a glance whether there are offers or entertainment options in the vicinity that match their personal interests.

Radio Energy is now using this technology for a digital scavenger hunt at Christmas time. On Saturday, prizes will be digitally hidden all over the city of Zurich, which can be snatched using the AR function of the Scount app. Participants can find various prizes worth a total of 10,000 francs in cash and over 35,000 francs in vouchers. Companies such as Chicorée, Metro Boutique, Pathé Cinemas, Beldona and Qualipet are among those taking part.

Via the Instagram account of Scount participants will receive regular hints on this day about where the big prizes are hidden. All you need to participate is the Scount app.

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