The new Swiss Brand Observer

Link launches the first tool for continuous brand evaluation from the customer's point of view in cooperation with the Institute for Marketing and Analytics at the University of Lucerne.

How are your brands perceived by consumers in your competitive environment? Are you reaching the desired target with your advertising campaigns? These and other questions are relevant to marketing decisions, and the new Swiss Brand Observer provides the answers.

In conversation with m&k Stefan Reiser, Managing Director Marketing Research at Link, and Prof. Dr. Reto Hofstetter, Professor for Digital Marketing at the IMA, present the innovative tool.


m&k: What makes the Swiss Brand Observer so unique?

Stefan Reiser: The tool is the first of its kind and uses 2,000 representative interviews each week to continuously measure consumer perceptions of the Swiss brand landscape throughout the year. A large number of brands from various segments are examined. This provides marketers with a comprehensive picture of their own brands, competing brands and new, emerging brands, and enables continuous measurement of success in the relevant marketing environment.

Reto Hofstetter: This weekly representative survey is unique in Switzerland. For the first time, managers have the opportunity to compare their own marketing expenditures with a point-in-time evaluation and to analyze the success of the measures in a modern approach.


Which brand characteristics are queried?

Reiser: The study offers more than 20 of the most relevant KPIs from the customer's perspective - for example, brand awareness, consideration, customer satisfaction, and willingness to recommend. Furthermore, topics such as sustainability, "Swissness", and advertising and PR perception are surveyed.

Hofstetter: The study's KPIs are based on scientifically sound concepts. Technical key figures such as visits or CTR are thus supplemented by further important information on brand perception. We are convinced that this will have a positive impact on marketing decisions. In addition, the data will provide exciting insights for future research projects in digital marketing.


How does the tool work for end users?

Reiser: Users can analyze the results of the surveys at any time via a self-service dashboard within the scope of their license by target group, over time, and for their own and third-party brands. The data is automatically updated in the dashboard on a regular basis and is thus permanently available to marketing managers. In the dashboard, there are predefined application areas such as brand funnel, brand image, brand positioning and advertising & PR perception as well as individual evaluation options. In addition, it is possible to create favorites with preferred filter combinations. Thus, users are able to provide answers very quickly when management demands quick answers, e.g., how a current campaign is performing or what impact a media scandal is having.

You can find out more about the Swiss Brand Observer at

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