Brand Lift & Conversion Lift Studies on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram advertising is measurable in many areas - the Pixel, the Conversions API and detailed metrics help. Still, there are issues that are not directly measurable from the metrics, such as how brand perception and purchases are indirectly influenced.

Thomas Hutter, owner of Hutter Consult, gives tips and tricks on the topic of Brand Lift & Conversion Lift on Facebook and Instagram at the WebStage Masters.

What are lift studies?

A common challenge in reviewing the results of an advertising campaign lies in recognizing the effective value of a campaign, especially when marketing measures may also have influenced the target group. To determine the independent effective value of a campaign, the causal effects must be calculated and all other marketing measures must be examined at the same time. This approach to measurement is called incrementality.

To determine incrementality, Facebook offers several tests. On Facebook and Instagram, groups can be created randomly, with the only statistically significant difference being whether group members can see a particular campaign, in addition to all other marketing, or not. In this way, Facebook's boost tests incrementally measure the impact of advertising.

Brand Lift studies on Facebook and Instagram

Brand Lift tests can use surveys and other brand awareness measurements to determine the actual value and their performance independent of other marketing measures. In a Brand Lift test, a representative group of people is selected. This sample group is then arbitrarily divided into test and holdout groups. With the help of causal inference techniques, the effect of the advertising can be determined.

In a test, the test and control groups are drawn from the selected target group and then people in both groups are surveyed on topics such as advertising recall, message association and brand awareness. The test determines the performance difference between the test and holdout groups. This characterizes the success of the Facebook advertising under the given test conditions.

Brand lift studies are an excellent way to determine the impact of advertising on brand awareness. Questions such as "is your brand known?", "do people remember your brand?" or "would they like to buy something from you?" are possible. Based on the test results, future campaign decisions can be optimized and possibly budgets can be better allocated between channels.

Conversion Lift Studies on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook expands ad measurement capabilities with Conversion Lift. Conversion Lift studies allow advertisers to determine the impact of their ads across all devices and identify the causality between ads and sales.

Last click attribution, which is often used, can be useful in principle for search engine marketing, but it does not work in other digital disciplines. Counting clicks does not reveal the values created by Ads. By allowing advertisers to measure the impact of an Ads impression versus an ad - with consistency across display devices - conversion lift measurement brings a holistic view of performance. Exciting, because the technologies supported by current measurement systems - cookies to track viewability, clicks to measure sales - are no longer sufficient in the mobile world. People use multiple devices and most purchases still happen in real stores.

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How do I measure the effective value of my marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram?

The most exciting studies as well as concrete tips and tricks on the topic of Brand Lift & Conversion Lift on Facebook and Instagram will be presented by Thomas Besmer and Thomas Hutter from Hutter Consult at the WebStage Masters.

* Thomas Hutter is the owner and managing director of Hutter Consult AG. Known as one of the most renowned Facebook marketing experts in the German-speaking world, he advises large and medium-sized companies, organizations and agencies. He laid the foundation for Hutter Consult AG with the blog on Facebook marketing "", founded in 2009, which is still considered one of the most important resources on current developments in the field of Facebook and social media marketing in German-speaking countries. He passes on his knowledge both as a lecturer and as a seminar leader at various seminar providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can meet him live and in color as a speaker and mentor at all the usual conferences in the industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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