Staay Interactive launches virtual bottle experience in AR for Rivella

Rivella is breaking new ground in brand experience: Using AR, the target group can experience the world of Rivella Refresh directly on the OOH poster or on the sampling bottle. The campaign was implemented by Staay.

The posters of the current Rivella autumn campaign can be brought to life. Using a QR code, the webAR application can be started and the Rivella bottle on the poster can be scanned. A virtual mountain world with a Rivella bottle on a paraglider grows out of the label in augmented reality. Three paraglider tricks playfully explain the product benefits of Rivella Refresh to consumers: natural, with 40 percent less sugar, and light in taste.

A competition is also included. With a little luck, there is a Refresh box with four bottles to win.

The posters can be found in urban centers from September 6 to Sunday. Staay Interactive was responsible for concept, design and development.

Responsible at Rivella: Andrea Murer (Team Leader Live Marketing), Désiree Koller (Senior Brand Manager). Responsible at Staay Interactive: Philip Eggenberger (concept), Gian Andri Bezzola (design/modeling), Dimo Notarfrancesco (programming). Poster: Scholz & Friends Zurich.

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