Agency at the airport for Emeda: An association that pays off

To publicize the new service of Emeda Home Doctors, the agency at the airport has developed a mailing to show that this association will be worthwhile.

Agentur am Flughafen für EmedaEmeda is a young company that offers support for basic medical care to nursing homes and homes for the elderly. Whether by means of weekly visits to the home residents or telephone clarifications, Emeda takes over the entire medical care of the residents of old people's and nursing institutions and thus provides relief in the homes.

This new service now had to be made known to old-age and care institutions. For this purpose, the agency at the airport developed a mailing that serves as a door-opener for the managing director to get an introduction appointment with the home's management.

Responsible at Emeda - The Home Doctors Medical AGSimon Hodel (Managing Director). Responsible at agency at the airport: René Eugster (overall responsibility), Dominique Rutishauser (creative direction/graphics), Miriam Egli (consulting/text).

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