USP Partner generates leads for Emil Fröhlich with gamification

The agency USP Partner conceived and implemented a brand activation with gamification for lead generation for Emil Fröhlich.

USP PartnerThe smart refrigerator Emil Fröhlich, a product of the SV Group, offers fresh and healthy employee catering around the clock. The refrigerator is regularly filled with fresh homemade menus, bowls, snacks and drinks. The meals are conveniently taken from the fridge and paid for via smartphone app. The solution is particularly suitable for companies with 50 or more employees or companies whose employees are on duty 24/7.

On behalf of Emil Fröhlich, USP designed and implemented a brand activation with the aim of generating leads for the "Assistants' day" trade fair, which took place on Wednesday at the Kongresshaus in Zurich. In keeping with Emil Fröhlich's smart refrigerator, USP relied on a digital activation concept with gamification: an entertaining memory game in which visitors had to combine the correct pairs of pictures of deceptively similar bowls from Emil Fröhlich's product range in the shortest possible time. As an incentive for participation, visitors could win an Emil refrigerator for three months worth over 6,000 Swiss francs, as well as other prizes.

According to the agency, the playful activation, which was accompanied by a trained promoter from USP to address and animate the target group for participation, ensured a lot of foot traffic at the Emil Fröhlich booth as well as informal infotainment at the booth, and also provided a suitable transition for a subsequent consultation about Emil Fröhlich and the many advantages of the innovative product of the SV Group. In addition, participation in the game and subsequent registration generated numerous valuable leads for Emil Fröhlich, which can now be followed up in a target-oriented manner after the trade fair.

The memory game implemented by USP with its gamification partner Brame will now be integrated on Emil Fröhllich's website in the coming weeks in order to generate further leads from prospective customers for the smart refrigerator in a playful way.

Responsible at SV Group / Emil Fröhlich: Tobias Lang (Director Marketing & Sales). Responsible at USP Partner: Dominik Nyffenegger (CEO, Partner). Responsible at Brame: Nicola Späni (Head Business Development).

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