Cookie-less Future: Dentsu wants to support companies with whitepaper

Digital marketing without third-party cookies? In a new whitepaper, Dentsu Switzerland shows the effects of Google's decision to no longer allow third-party cookies in the future - and how marketers and publishers can react to this.

On June 24, 2021, Google announced that it would eliminate third-party cookies: Chrome should no longer support such cookies by the end of 2023. This leaves the marketing industry with one question: What does the future look like without cookies? In its new whitepaper, Dentsu Switzerland wants to show alternatives with which marketers and publishers can continue to meet their tracking and measurement needs - even in a future without cookies.

"At Dentsu, we believe it is critical to bring all parties involved to the table and shape the future together," said Jonas EliassenCEO of Dentsu Media Switzerland. "After our digital roundtable on Cookie-less Future with internal experts, partners and customers, we further processed the findings in a taskforce. The result is reflected in our new whitepaper and is at the same time an invitation to start the conversation with us."

Email hashes and unique customer identifiers are becoming increasingly important as cookies are phased out. Tech companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are showing how access credentials can be used for tracking. Is a long-term investment worth it? How can customer experience be designed without cookies? What are the benefits of Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms? The Whitepaper from Dentsu Switzerland is intended to answer these and other important questions.

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