Kingfluencers and Volvic launch a TikTok song "ohni Schiisdräck"

If rappers can make iced tea, an iced tea can also make rap. Following this guiding principle, Kingfluencers created a song and music spot exclusively for Evian-Volvic Switzerland with TikTok stars and musicians.

On TikTok, content creators' videos are usually shot quick and dirty with their smartphones. Kingfluencers has now created a video for Volvic. Music video clip specific to TikTok and produced together with Hunter Films. With tailored rap lyrics and a line-up of Swiss TikTok stars, the Volvic brand is staged for a young target group via TikTok via its own song.

"If rappers in our neighboring country can produce iced tea, why shouldn't we, as an iced tea brand, be able to rap?" asks Nina Heller, Head of Marketing at Evian-Volvic Suisse. "We wanted to score with Generation Z with a very special concept," says Heller. "Because young people are all on TikTok, the best way to reach them there is with emotion, music and dance," adds Anja Lapčević, Chief Influence Officer at Kingfluencers.

In addition to Swiss TikTok stars from dance and comedy, Zurich rapper EAZ was also brought in for the line-up of the music video: "I thought the idea was brilliant from the start and was delighted to be involved in the project with the other artists," says the rapper. The comedian Kiko and the musician Cachita will rap in the front line.

In the Volvic clip, which was designed as a parody, Kiko is stopped by Swiss rapper EAZ, but he impersonates a police officer in the video. The second cop is played by TikToker Leonard Khalifa, who has around 247,000 TikTok followers. The Volvic commercial "Volli Kiste" also features TikTok stars Kevin Bannier, Lina Senn or Younes Saggara, among others.

A "bold move"

Kiko was involved in the project from the beginning and found Volvic's move very bold. "The whole project has to be just as fresh as the ice tea: from the song to the video to the people," Kiko explains. Since the drinks have comparatively more natural ingredients, the comedian therefore also raps in the song in a way that is appropriate for the target group: "Alles natürlich ohni Schissdräck".

According to Kingfluencers, the music video "Volli Kiste" has generated over 1 million clicks since its release, the hashtag #volvicrecords over 2.7 million views and new TikTok videos are added to it daily.

"I see the project as a kind of cultural promotion with advertising. The mix of people and artists who have worked together from different genres, industries and generations is what makes it a success," concludes Kiko.

Responsible at Evian-Volvic: Nina Heller (Head of Marketing), Lea Madjdian (Senior Brand Manager), Catherine Maeder (Digital Brand Manager). Creative concept, implementation and influencer marketing: Kingfluencers. Song: Kiko & Boro (singer/songwriter), Cachita (singer), KC Prime & Basic Johnson (producer), Bogdan (mix/master). Video Production: Hunter Film.

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