Social-Mania: Seven marketing tips for startups

Never before in history have there been so many ways to make your own company known. But due to digitalization, the pressure of competition is also growing. To lead your startup company to success, it is essential to deal with marketing strategies. Kemal Üres gives seven marketing tips for startups in his guest article.

1. social media platforms

Social media platforms are the shortest and most direct way to communicate with your target group. The focus should always be on the added value for the followers. Social media platforms are also ideally suited for unusual advertising concepts. Meanwhile, there is also the possibility to get in touch with users live. The possibilities offered by social media are manifold and a powerful advertising tool in this day and age.

2. on the pulse of time

We live in fast-paced times. If you don't maintain your social media channels, you let them wither away. Followers should always be up to date and informed about the latest developments in their own company. If you only use social media every now and then, you will quickly lose contact with your customers.

3. know the target group

The best advertising is useless if it reaches the wrong people. To be able to place targeted advertising, it is important to know your target group exactly. If you know how they think, you can also create tailored advertising campaigns and target the desired audience.

4. network with other entrepreneurs

Competition stimulates the market. That may be true, but individual companies can still benefit from each other. Instead of seeing other companies as competition, you should see them as competitors. You can learn something from some and integrate ideas into your own business. With others, even cooperation can be beneficial.

5. search engine optimization

The best content is no use if you can't find it. SEO is therefore a useful means of generating more reach. Although the Google algorithm still remains a well-guarded secret, proven strategies have been established over time with which you can improve your search results.

6. classic advertising

The digital world offers unimagined possibilities. Classic advertising is often disregarded in the process. But especially for regional entrepreneurs, this can be extremely profitable. Distributing flyers, hanging up posters, exchanging information with the community/city are just a few of the many ways to increase your reach. Also a newspaper report in the regional press is never wrong.

7. integrate all components

To ensure that success does not depend solely on chance, it is important not to focus on just one advertising strategy. The interaction of all possibilities ultimately determines success or failure. The one who makes maximum use of all the means at his disposal will reap the better results. Over time, you gain experience and see which strategies work better than others. Then you can still shift your focus and concentrate on the strongest drawing cards. Still, you shouldn't rule out other possibilities per se.


A good marketing concept is especially important for newcomers. How can I best reach my target group and which advertising media can I use? The more mature your concept is, the more successful it will be in the end. Therefore, it is important to deal with this topic at an early stage.

* Kemal Üres is the founder of the gastronomy chain Daily You - Eat powerful and a partner at Eisberg-Seminare GmbH Hamburg and works in the field of personality development and mental trainings. He shares his experiences with other young entrepreneurs.

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