Ads&Figures implements full-funnel concept for Mobiliar

Together with Mobiliar, Ads&Figures developed a cross-channel concept for digitally addressing potential new customers. With the integration of advice topics, they are picked up right at the beginning of the purchase process, accompanied in a targeted manner and thus guided through the entire range of the insurer until the conclusion of the contract.

The strategy developed by Ads&Figures in collaboration with the insurer is intended to open up new target groups in the digital space. Through the holistic processing of the customer journey funnel with advice content, potential customers are to be addressed and familiarized with the various products and services.

For this purpose, cross-channel measures were planned for each funnel level - top, mid and low - and the linking of the levels was ensured by means of remarketing. This funnel approach is constantly being developed and optimized on the basis of the insights gained.

Caroline Bleuer, Digital Campaign Manager at Mobiliar, sees clear advantages in this method compared to classic campaigns: "It is important to us that we can respond to our target group during the process. By addressing them at different funnel levels, we get to know their needs better and can constantly adapt and satisfy their interests even better.

From the guide to the premium calculator

Possible customer journey. The visuals were realized by Jung von Matt Limmat.

With different messages and targets per funnel stage, interested parties are guided through the topics and offers up to the premium calculator, which is made possible by an intelligent campaign architecture with retargeting and various digital channels.

"We are convinced that the holistic view and management are decisive success factors in digital market cultivation. The better the measures of the various funnel stages are coordinated, the higher the chance of successfully attracting and retaining customers in the long term," says Simon Kobel, Digital Projects Manager at Ads&Figures.

The digital agency currently manages Ads&Figures all paid advertising channels in the area of performance marketing for Mobiliar and is constantly developing them further.

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