Coca-Cola EM campaign: Baschi + Friends sing for multicultural Switzerland

To coincide with the kick-off of UEFA Euro 2020, Baschi + Friends are reinterpreting the unofficial Swiss national football anthem "Bring en hei" in collaboration with Coca-Cola Switzerland.

The new edition of the cult song is not only intended as a motivating gift for the Swiss national team, but has also been translated and sung in eight languages in order to send out a strong joint signal for a colourful, diverse and discrimination-free Switzerland.

Since its release in 2006, Swiss football fans have been unable to get past "Bring en hei" by pop star Baschi (34). Over the last 15 years, the catchy tune has become a Swiss football anthem that is played over and over again at every major tournament. This momentum inspired Baschi and his friends to launch a unique campaign on the occasion of UEFA Euro 2020: with the active support of Swiss musical talents as well as sports celebrities such as Alisha Lehmann, Daniel Gygax and a well-known fan legend, the musical monument was not only translated into all four Swiss national languages, but also into English, Albanian, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese and sung anew.

As high as the fun factor was during the recordings and the associated filming in the studio in Möhlin, as serious is the message that is hidden between the lines: "We love the music, we love the football and - this is particularly important to all involved - we love Switzerland and its people in all its facets". Both within the Swiss football team and in the fan ranks, all kinds of ethnicities, cultures and religions can be found, which - just like in the new edition of "Bring en hei" - #mitenand enrich the musical, sporting and social coexistence. The campaign was made possible thanks to the support of Coca-Cola Switzerland.

Baschi + Friends consists of football talent Alisha Lehmann, ex-professional footballer Dani Gygax, trumpet sigi, Marash, rap artist Lepardo, Rhaeto-Romanic indie popper Chiara, Portuguese singer Lerocque, Cashita from Spain, Maryne from France, Meo from Turkey and Aus as well as Rapperswil singer Aaron, who won this year's MyCokeMusic soundcheck.

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