Basel West develops promotion for containers from Switzerland

For Fagsi's modular container system, the Basel West agency developed a multi-stage promotion.

Fagsi builds, rents and sells mobile rooms. A modular container system can be used for temporary and low-cost living and office spaces as well as classrooms. The subsidiary of the Alho Group produces the containers in Wikon, Lucerne, and also maintains a large rental park there for immediate delivery.

Basel West has developed a multi-stage promotion. A mailing promises a discount and offers all-round service and advice for agile room concepts. A handout with a visualization of the standard modules and special equipment up to sanitary, kitchens and furnishings is used for personal contact. The promotion took off in the first quarter and, according to the agency, has contributed to a marked increase in orders.

Responsible at Fagsi: Christian Käser (Managing Director); Sylvia Sarbach (Assistance/Marketing Communications). Responsible at Basel West Corporate Communications: Thomas Aerni (Consulting/Art Direction); Markus Siegenthaler (Concept/Text); Cora Beck (Realisation); Roman Albertini (Illustration).

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