Four books that might interest you

In cooperation with GetAbstract, we once again present four new books from the marketing sector. This time: "Innovator's Playbook", "B2B - or not to be?", "The Art of the Good Argument" and "Brandtelling".

Innovator's Playbook

Develop products and services that customers love.

  • Author: Nathan Baird
  • Publisher: Wiley-VCH, 2021
  • Pages: 320
  • ISBN: 9783527510603

Most innovations flop. This could be dismissed as a systemic risk, but Nathan Baird disagrees. He sees mistakes in craftsmanship, false ambition and inexperience as the causes of failure. What goes wrong in the early stages of an innovation project cannot be fixed later. Baird covers the entire innovation process in his book, but pays particular attention to the beginning. A recommended read for all innovation managers and product developers.

B2B - or not to be?

The path to sales success and profitable growth.

  • Author: Manfred Aull
  • Publisher: Springer Gabler, 2020
  • Pages: 215
  • ISBN: 9783658294069

If you want to be successful in B2B sales, you have to proceed systematically and in a structured way and always stay on the ball. Manfred Aull, himself a successful salesman for many years, explains in detail and in a practical manner how this can be implemented. In addition it gives each quantity of techniques and aids to the reader on the way, like the emotionally intelligent negotiating or the tabular target customer radar. Sales employees and managers can use the book as a comprehensive guide for their work.

The art of the good argument

  • Author: Anthony Weston
  • Publisher: Reclam Verlag, 2020
  • Pages: 159
  • ISBN: 9783150112861

Anyone who wants to convince others needs good arguments. This is especially true at a time when debates are becoming increasingly irrational and aggressive. The author uses numerous examples to show how arguments should be structured, what distinguishes good arguments from bad ones, and which type of argument is most likely to work in which context. Even if you have heard much of this before, there is still some surprising stuff. A practical and entertaining book for all who want to convince skillfully.


Storytelling that connects brands and people.

  • Author: Matthias M. Mattenberger
  • Publisher: Campus Verlag, 2021
  • Pages: 224
  • ISBN: 9783593513799

Economic success is no longer enough these days. Customers and employees expect companies to assume social responsibility. And that is exactly what can be conveyed most easily through stories, says Matthias M. Mattenberger. He explains the importance of films, stories and narratives for companies in an entertaining and clear way. He gives many examples and leads the reader step by step to his own brand story. The book is interesting for all who want to use storytelling for their marketing and want to implement the first steps with little time.

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