Action finale in St. Moritz: Joya Steiner wins micro-influencer contest

The final of the SunIce Influencer Contest took place in St. Moritz on the weekend of 27 and 28 March: In the voting on Sunday, Joya Steiner from St. Gallen finally prevailed - as the most creative young talent out of 128 participants.

The young finalists of the SunIce Influencer Contest have had an extraordinary weekend for Corona times: staying at the luxury Hotel Kempinski, quad biking with a view of the Engadine mountains and lakes, and Champagne dinner by Veuve Clicquot with coaches Rafael Beutl, Mirjana Zuber and Arina Luisa.

The finalists Joya Steiner from St. Gallen, Michele David Aemmer from Aargau and Chiara Katharina Tomic from the Valais awaited three days with many tasks and challenges. Cutting a good figure in photo shoots and video shoots, giving interviews and, on the side, producing their own video summarizing the final.

Valuable tips from Rafael Beutl, Mirjana Zuber and Arina Luisa

"What is everyday life as a content creator is also required here in the finale: Having a stressful day full of deadlines and always giving your best performance," says model and podcaster Mirjana Zuber. She was able to help her protégé Chiara Katharina Tomic (2nd place) above all with her modeling experience in front of the camera.

Rafael Beutl formed the men's duo with Aargauer Michele David Aemmer (3rd place). Especially during the interviews he gave tips in professional appearance. Arina Luisa supported her candidates Joya Steiner especially with her openness. "Arina was always in a good mood and helped me with her open and honest manner to also come out of myself, to get rid of my shyness and to be completely myself", says Joya Steiner.

Winner Joya Steiner wants to continue career on social media

A great prize now beckons for the St. Gallen native. Not only is she the face of the next SunIce Festival, but she can also look forward to prize money. But the most valuable thing for her was the new experience: "I noticed that I was able to gather a lot of valuable know-how through the challenges and that I have developed extremely.

The founders of the SunIce Festival are satisfied with the first execution of their contest. "We are positively surprised by the extremely large reach we were able to achieve on Instagram. With the contest, we have created a business model with high potential and are already thinking about the next season," says Quirin Hasler. Co-founder Loris Moser is also looking to the future with motivation: "No matter what happens with Corona, we will continuously work on new solutions to offer young people in Switzerland something."


The finalists and coaches.

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