In Flagranti brings a nice piece of fire protection into the conversation

For the Gebäudeversicherung Bern GVB, In Flagranti stages the Husmutz fire prevention family. The focus is on a table that can do more than just look nice.

Prevention is successful when it is fun. In close cooperation with the GVB, the industrial designer Björn Ischi and the Customized Furniture division of the furniture manufacturer Girsberger, In Flagranti developed the Husmutz prevention family and brings it to the public. The family consists of Fredi, the first modular fire prevention table in Switzerland, and the clever insert Aschi-Marie, which is either a candle holder or ashtray.

When it comes to communication, In Flagranti lets Husmutz speak for itself. From the brand to the packaging design to the operating instructions, Fredi and Aschi-Marie convey their prevention message - smart, playful and modular, like their construction method. This should not only get Husmutz into the media, but also into the final round of the IF Design Award 2021. Fredi and Aschi-Marie are already present in the first Bernese households.


Responsible at GVB: Theo Bühlmann, Carina Catti, Evelyn Allenbach, Daniel Hofer. Image, film and sound: In flagrante delicto, Crunch.

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