The supreme discipline for winning customers

Sensual, personal, attention-grabbing: The addressed mailing is the supreme discipline for winning new customers and inspiring existing ones again and again. Today, advertising letters can be personalized and individualized regardless of the print run, even designed online and sent at the touch of a button.

That's why the addressed mailing has such a powerful effect: it transports the message into a very personal environment of the recipients - their private mail.

Email and online advertising are stealing the show from direct mail - you might think. But this is not the case. Because the traditional mailing has evolved from a mass medium to a premium advertising medium. There are many reasons for this. Unlike digital instruments, it can appeal to all five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

Addressed mailings also compare favorably with conventional advertising. It transports the message to a very personal environment of the recipients - to their private mail or, in the case of business customers, directly to the workplace.


The most important advantages at a glance

Addressed Mailings ...

  • Reach target persons safely - even those who are difficult to reach with other communication media
  • Address potential customers personally and thus initiate a dialog
  • arouse attention and desire
  • trigger measurable reactions
  • offer endless design possibilities
  • function as a stand-alone medium, but can also be combined well with other advertising media
  • are extremely efficient


The postcard mailing - a real popular item

Postcards present simple messages very directly and are particularly popular. Card mailings are ideal for regular customer contacts, quickly recorded offers and invitations, or as advance notifications and reminders. And they can be implemented well with low budgets. With the DirectResponse Card, replying is also easy: just tear off the perforated part and off you go!

Swiss Post's "PostCard Creator" online service enables attractive postcard mailings to be created directly on the screen in just a few steps. All you have to do is select the format of the postcard, design the front and back according to your own ideas and upload the recipients' addresses. In order to ensure first-class printing, addressing, and the
direct shipping is taken care of by the post office - no matter how large the print run.

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Creative mailings that stand out

Mailings of this special kind are particularly successful in attracting attention and arousing curiosity:

  • Flyers in unusual shapes stand out from the rest of the mail. The recipient's eye is involuntarily drawn to elements that catch the eye.
  • Selfmailer bring the offer quickly and inexpensively to the point. The self-mailer is an advertising medium that combines classic mailing elements such as a mailing envelope, letter, brochure and response element in one.
  • Coupon mailings and Discount coupons bring customers into the store and generate sales. Today, the majority of them are implemented in a high-quality manner and can be found in practically all industries. No wonder: coupon and voucher campaigns are an excellent way to reward loyal customers.
  • Three-dimensional mailings with amplifier ensure a high level of attention. They are particularly suitable for highly courted target groups and for business customers where it is worth investing a little more. 3-D mailings are also frequently used for product samples and specimens. The cheaper alternative to this: Advertising letters with pop-up effects.
  • Special materials appear high-quality and appeal to the senses. This includes unusual types of paper. But finishes such as varnish, embossing or lamination also embellish the print products.
The self-mailer combines classic mailing elements such as envelopes, letters, brochures and response elements in one.

6 tips for successful mailings

  1. Create an attractive offer mix and spice it up if necessary with boosters like sweepstakes, gadgets and early bird promotions.
  2. Circle your target group precisely and use careful address selection to ensure that you only write to customers with an affinity for the product.
  3. Make your mailing sensual and emotional with images, text, and materials. But make sure you lead recipients to action in a targeted and consistent way.
  4. Match the offer, design and tone to the target audience.
  5. Choose the time of contact carefully.
  6. Ensure new contacts in good time with regular mailings.

Boost your communication

Whether addressed mailings or other channels for personal dialog: Used correctly, dialog marketing is a highly efficient tool for successful communication. Even proven professionals therefore benefit from exchanging concepts and ideas with experts. Take advantage of the know-how transfer with Swiss Post. The experts at Dialog Marketing Solutions will guide you through every step of dialog marketing - straight to success.

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