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The challenges for companies coordinating many external offices, responding to individual needs and pursuing corporate goals at the same time are demanding. As the central office, you make countless strategic decisions designed to strengthen your company's positioning and increase its market presence.

To enable you to address these complex issues with the necessary dynamism and attention, you need operational processes that function efficiently and reliably. Your employees must be freed from maintaining complex systems and central marketing should generally be relieved of redundant unnecessary activities.


Kuoni Reisen relies on Stämpfli's marketing platform with web-to-print function. More about the project on

SMART_Lab, the online-based web-to-print platform

In a single system, your central marketing office can manage budget, authorizations, processes and communication media as well as templates according to CI/CD specifications, while external offices can adapt the easy-to-use layout templates to their needs, implement campaigns independently through to printing and dispatch, or order the required promotional items via the portal.

With SMART_Lab, particularly decentrally organized companies benefit from a uniform appearance with a maximum of individualized communication. Your team can implement content professionally, efficiently and easily both internally and externally.

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SMART_Lab is the marketing portal that simplifies your marketing processes and the creation of your communication materials via web-to-print.

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