Branders designs the "Sanitas Health Forecast

Will we soon be 120 years old? Can we change our DNA? Will we be operated on by a robot? The Sanitas Health Forecast is the first Swiss publication to take a look at the health of the future. Published by the health insurance company Sanitas and conceived and implemented by Branders, it gives Swiss citizens as well as over 60 renowned experts a chance to have their say. It is accompanied by the first nationwide study on the future of health.


The topic of health moves us all - whether old or young, in times of calm or crisis. At the same time, our healthcare market is developing rapidly with new treatment methods and major advances in research, our healthcare system is becoming increasingly digitalized, and our understanding of healthcare is becoming more and more holistic. What does this mean for our health in the future?



Publisher: Sanitas; Project management: Kaspar Trachsel, Valentin Hüsser; Concept, editorial management, design and implementation: Branders, Editor in Chief & Creative Director: René Allemann, Executive Editor: Julia Heim, Production Director: Marisa Güntlisberger, Market Research: Philippe Knupp, Design: Thom Pfister, Micha Kumpf, Palma Manco, Soraya Gaouaoua, Content: Thea Ferretti, Katja Wölfel, Online: Thomas Hausheer, Sarah Trendle, Production: Franziska Brauer, Melissa Cisana, Claudine Dahinden, Sarah Egger, Saskia Schick, Marketing: Walter Tagliaferri, Patrik Bockhacker Film: Martin Fähndrich, Publisher: Wörterseh, Publishing director: Gabriella Baumann-von Arx; freelance journalists: Jana Avanzini, Jessica Braun, Sven Broder, Joël Luc Cachelin, Michelle de Oliveira, Denise Dollinger, Fabienne Eichelberger, Manuela Enggist, Barbara Esser, Wilma Fasola, Daniel Gerhardt, Danica Gröhlich, Annik Hosmann, Matthias Mächler, Anna Miller, Corinna Mühlhausen, Jessica Prinz, Georges T. Roos, Michèle Roten, Katrin Roth, Annette Schär, Oliver Schmuki, Kathrin Schwarze-Reiter, Stefan Schweiger, Miriam Suter, Joëlle Weil, Christoph Zurfluh; Illustrations: Andreas Samuelsson; Photography: Olaf Blecker, Gian Marco Castelberg, Sebastian Gabriel; Market Research: Intervista; Editing: Textcontrol; Print: Odermatt print shop, Media agency: Mediaschneider; Digital production campaign: Webrepublic.


Sanitas Health Insurance wants to provide answers to these and many other questions and share its knowledge of the future of health with the Swiss population. To this end, it is breaking new ground and presenting the Sanitas Health Forecast, the first Swiss publication on what moves us personally and as a society on the subject of health and what we can expect in the future.

The Sanitas Health Forecast was conceived and produced by the Zurich-based creative consultancy Branders. It was created in close cooperation with an editorial team of 30 journalists and the Wörterseh publishing house.

In over 400 pages, the publication highlights four of the biggest global health trends. How do the sexes differ on health? How will science maximize our life expectancy? How will health be tailored to each of us? And how is digitization changing our healthcare system? In stories, reports, interviews, portraits and visions of the future, Swiss people have their say, as do more than 60 renowned experts.

The Sanitas Health Forecast is accompanied by the results of the first representative study on the future of health, in which people of all ages and from all parts of the country gave their thoughts, wishes and concerns on the subject of health.

The publication combines facts and scientific findings with personal stories and insights relevant to Switzerland - a magazine and book that you can flip through again and again and discover new things. Its contents offer an ideal mix of in-depth reports and interviews as well as short, entertaining insights, facts and information. This allows readers to form their very own opinions on the future of healthcare and define personal takeaways.


To market the Sanitas Health Forecast, its distinctive illustrations are combined with statements about the future of health that are designed to provoke thought and inquiry. The campaign focuses on (D)OOH sites in the vicinity of bookstores and kiosks; in addition, digital and social ads target potentially interested viewers in relevant contexts.

The Sanitas Health Forecast will be published annually from now on; the first issue costs CHF 18 and is available at various sales outlets.

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