Westiform produces new virus protection discs

The company Westiform, which in normal times is a specialist in illuminated advertising, digital signage and signage, is reacting to the Corona crisis and is temporarily producing virus protection panes.


Special times require special measures and flexibility. The Swiss family business Westiform puts this credo into practice and supports employees of system-maintaining companies - petrol stations, banks, supermarkets or the healthcare sector - in social distancing. Westiform now produces virus protection panels made of acrylic glass in two standard sizes as well as custom-made. The aim is to reduce the risk of droplet infection in personal contact with customers and patients.


Companies such as Swisscom, Avia and Emil Frey, but also NPOs such as the Swiss Red Cross SRC and the Blood Donor Service, as well as numerous doctors, pharmacies and drugstores, are already using the virus protection, according to the press release. The companies are thus also preparing themselves for coming virus waves: The product can be folded up to save space, so that it can easily be stored until the next flu season.

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