Orell Füssli launches digital library on rails

From now on, travelers can browse selected books free of charge on all public transport trains thanks to Orell Füssli Thalia's Digital Library. However, the Digital Library is an exclusive offer of the new "SwissPass Smile" family and youth program.


Travelers can use their smartphones, tablets and laptops to read books in German, French and Italian if they have signed up for the free "SwissPass Smile" public transport family and youth program and are on a train. Selected titles can be read in full, others in such large portions that they provide enough reading material for several train rides. If a book is liked, it can be purchased directly as an e-book, reserved for pickup at a branch, or ordered home by mail.

With the Digital Library on Rails, Switzerland's largest bookstore is offering further access to its online offering, which consists of e-books, the Tolino e-reader, the Tolino Cloud and Reading App, and provides access to over eleven million titles. The central location of the 35 bookstores and the reservation system should make it effortless to pick up a book directly after getting off the train at an Orell Füssli branch near the train station, according to the statement.

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