Orell Füssli launches a book community for young people with Lo & Leduc

Um 12- bis 19-Jährige an sich zu binden, hat Orell Füssli gemeinsam mit den Agenturen Jim & Jim und Flowcube einen Young Circle gegründet. Die Kommunikation läuft via Whatsapp. Markenbotschafter sind die Musiker Lo & Leduc.


The Orell Füssli Thalia bookstore chain has launched the Young Circle. This is a book community for young people aged 12 to 19. The aim, according to a media release, is to show young people that reading is "cool and enriching." The Young Circle started in April with a launch campaign and already has around 2,500 members.

Young members benefit from a 10 percent permanent discount on books, eBooks, and other items, as well as free delivery on online orders. Community members are also invited to exclusive readings and events. The two musicians Lo and Leduc, who are currently number one in the Swiss hit parade with the song 079, are involved as reading ambassadors and regularly provide young people with personal book tips. To attract new members, Orell Füssli is giving away tickets for a Lo & Leduc concert at one of 32 Orell Füssli bookstores - including a personal meet & greet - among all those who have registered for the Young Circle by July 10, 2018. The launch of the community was celebrated with a spontaneous live performance and autograph session by Lo & Leduc at the Orell Füssli Bellevue bookstore in Zurich.

Communication via WhatsApp

To address the specific target group via the right channel, Orell Füssli relies on communication via Whatsapp. "Today, young people can mainly be reached via WhatsApp. This tool offers an ideal platform, as individual members can be contacted directly and young people are encouraged to interact with us," says Roxana Rölli, Community Manager at Orell Füssli Thalia.

Today, young people can mainly be reached via WhatsApp.

The NextGen marketing agency Jim & Jim was commissioned with the conception of Young Circle. The Zurich-based agency specializes in the development of strategic marketing concepts for Millenials and Generation Z. Jim & Jim developed the campaign concept, produced image videos with Lo & Leduc and created the community design. Flowcube Communications was responsible for planning the launch event and the accompanying PR activities.

Responsible at Orell Füssli Thalia Ltd: Roxana Rölli, CRM Manager, Marketing & Communications; Christine Roth, Head of Marketing & Communications.

Responsible at jim & jim: Overall direction: Annina Schamberger and Nadine Sperb; idea and
Concept: Nadine Sperb, Annina Schamberger, Virginia Waldburger, Andrea Müller, Federico Zanini, Fabio Emch and Andrin Buchli; Art Direction: Virginia Waldburger; Content Creation: Andrea Müller and Federico Zanini; Project Collaboration: Estella Seiler.

Responsible at Flowcube: Alfredo Schilirò, Saverio Genzoli (Public Relations, Event Planning).

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