Where can I advertise my online competition?

The Zurich-based agency B2C Link, which specialises in online lead generation, tells you how to get your own online competition the attention it deserves.


Online sweepstakes are a popular marketing tool to attract customers to a company and to generate traffic and leads. But where can online sweepstakes be advertised everywhere?

Own channels

The competition can be published on the own website and on the own social media channels. However, in this way you do not reach new customers and the awareness of the company is only slightly increased.

In order to achieve a greater reach and generate more leads, a cooperation with existing partners of the company is highly recommended. They can also publish the competition on their platforms, in their social media network and in the newsletter.

Specialized platforms

There are competition platforms like free-switzerland.ch or Contests.chwhich are specialized in traffic and lead generation and advertise sweepstakes for companies. Theme-oriented platforms such as www.ich-brauche-ferien.ch are also an ideal advertising space for sweepstakes and, depending on the sweepstakes, directly address the desired target group. Theme-oriented websites are mostly available for German and French-speaking Switzerland. Various news sites also offer the promotion of competitions.

Many competition platforms offer package deals. A one-time publication on the desired website, the associated Facebook page and an entry in the newsletter can be booked for an attractive package price.

For traffic on a larger scale, a performance-oriented offer is provided. Here you have the option of a customised campaign on a click or lead basis. With this offer, the budget can be set yourself and you benefit from better placements on the website and in the newsletter.

Ad advertising

Facebook ads and Google AdWords ads can also be used to promote your sweepstakes. In order for the ad to be a success, it must stand out and stand out from the crowd. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the choice of advertising media for the Facebook ad. We recommend using an expressive image and avoiding unnecessary text.

The advantage with advertisements is that the desired target group can be limited through specific targeting and the ads can be adjusted again and again. The disadvantage is that the click prices are not predictable and can fluctuate greatly. This is another area where you can seek the assistance of a professional. Thanks to his experience and the intensive monitoring and analysis of the ad, he can achieve a lower click price.

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