The terrain game "Crime scene Tell" goes into the second round

Uri Tourism relies on William Tell also in 2017. The terrain game "Tatort Tell", which was launched last year, is going into the second round in time for the spring vacations. The experimental search for clues leads game participants to the main locations of the crossbow thriller.


Last year, more than 1,000 visitors were enthralled by the multimedia staging of "Tatort Tell". Now the great success is going into its second edition. From April 29, 2017, the experimental search for clues will enter its second year. Equipped with a game plan, crime scene cards, commissioner's ID and commissioner's backpack, game participants set off on the trail of the Swiss national hero. In groups of up to six people, the Tell file is revealed to them step by step and experiment by experiment.

The installations at the 15 game stations of "Tatort Tell" are carefully integrated into the environment and take the form of a melodious shower or an animated apple shot - Tell's leap onto the Tell plate is also part of the multimedia history lesson for families, friends, companies and clubs. The answers to the riddles have to be alternately felt, seen, heard or smelled. Telescopic mirrors, polarizing filters, wooden sticks or a crossbow from the commissioner's backpack help. The whole game takes about six hours, and a short version takes three hours.

15 crime scenes in Altdorf, Bürglen and Sisikon

Seven "Tatort Tell" stations are located in the Tell epicenter in Altdorf and four each in Tell's home Bürglen and in the surroundings of the Tell plateau. The Tell museum and the most important Tell monuments and chapels in Uri are located in the immediate vicinity of the stations. Thus, the game invites to deal more deeply with the Tell myth, its tradition and meaning. Tell investigators travel free of charge by bus, train and boat between the crime scenes in Altdorf, Bürglen and Sisikon. Especially the route along the Lake of Uri to the Tell plateau is also suitable as a hiking tour.

Uri Tourism, the regional tourism organization in the Urner Unterland, is behind the game.

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