To a successful season

Feinheit launched the new website for FC Zurich this week. After four years of urban design, the site now comes with a clean and modern look.


In order to optimise the online presence, FCZ conducted a study in advance in which surfers were able to express their needs and expectations. Numerous points for improvement emerged, which were incorporated into the design and implementation. Improvements visible at first glance: User-friendliness, clarity and the tidy, modern design. The site is designed with large images that are intended to appeal emotionally to our customers.

In addition to the ticketing area, the sponsoring and hospitality area also shines in a fresh look. In order to optimise the sales process and better present the products, the online shop has been completely revised. The information on the first-team squad players has also been expanded. You can now see at a glance the number of minutes a player has played on the pitch, how many scorer points he has scored or how many yellow and red cards he has received.

The FCZ women's first team now has its own item in the main navigation, just like the men's team. The youth of the men and the women are now summarized under the navigation point "Youth". A new feature is also the page with the live ticker, which is displayed during the games of the first team. Website is switched. In addition, the entire website is built in Responsive Design, as is common today.

Responsible at FC Zurich: Thomas Schönberger (overall responsibility); Patrick Lienhart (project management); Finn Sulzer (content); Miriam Schreuers (marketing); Luca Salomon (shop). Responsible at Finesse: Hannes Schwarz (concept and project management); Désire Wismer (concept); Diego Borellini (web design); Nico Bernold (code); Matthias Kestenholz (code).

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