Evoq refreshes Bächli Bergsport customer magazine

"Inspiration" is the name of Bächli Bergsport's customer magazine. The current issue comes with a new layout developed by Evoq.

With the graphic relaunch of Inspiration the typography and design elements have undergone a gentle renovation. The exciting stories and impressive mountain images are given more air and space. In addition to  Inspiration has also the product magazine Selection has undergone a redesign. To show off the season's product highlights even better, color areas are used in a design language typical of the brand.

The appearance of the Bächli Bergsport brand is further refreshed

The redesign of the two print magazines represents a first milestone in Evoq's ongoing brand refresh for Bächli Bergsport. It gives the traditional brand a fresh, high-profile look, but one that remains in keeping with the brand's tradition and also reflects a return to Bächli's roots - namely alpinism. Further implementations in advertising as well as in the stores are in the works, and the relaunch of the new website is planned for late summer.

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