Kursaal Bern: Stämpfli Kommunikation digitizes annual report 

The Bernese agency Stämpfli Kommunikation staged the digital annual report for the listed company Kursaal Bern AG, from conception to programming.

This marks another important milestone in the Kursaal's digitization strategy, says Stämpfli.

At the center of communication is the Microsite, on which the stakeholders are addressed in multimedia form. In addition to the business figures, the various business units are highlighted by means of corresponding stories under the communicative guiding idea of "Perspectives" - each from a different perspective. In order to provide the target groups with the relevant key figures in physical form as well, a supplementary brochure was designed and sent to shareholders in the run-up to the Annual General Meeting. The combination of a physical and a digital product creates an attractive hybrid user experience.

"In the cooperation, Stämpfli convinced us right from the start with their experience and expertise," says Oliver Schmutz, CFO of the Kursaal Group. In order to ideally meet the needs of the heterogeneous stakeholder groups, Stämpfli created a solution that allows readers to print out the report themselves or order it free of charge in the sense of "print on demand".

"We are completely thrilled with the result, because the annual report not only impresses with its modern design, but also with its innovative information architecture," adds Kursaal PR manager Petra Anna Siebert.

"For us, it was a great advantage to have a partner at our side with whom we could source everything from conception to programming to physical shipping under one roof," says Danielle Aebersold, Head of Group Secretariat at Kursaal Bern. Nextgen, Stämpfli's apprentice department that recently won the ICT award, was commissioned with the realization of the editorial videos.

Responsible at the Kursaal Bern: Oliver Schmutz (CFO), Petra Anna Siebert (Head of PR), Danielle Aebersold (Head of Corporate Secretariat). Responsible at Stämpfli Kommunikation: Rahel Grünig (Creative Director, Deputy Head of Agency), Joël Hummel (Head of Consulting), Claudia Fahrni (Consultant), Christoph Ramseier (Head of Digital, Member of the Executive Board), Michel Rossier, Marc Mentha and Raphael Hänni (Stämpfli Digital), Nina Ramershoven (Production). Responsible at Stämpfli nextgen: Oliver Glauser (Head of nextgen) and Finn Eyer (apprentice mediamatiker).

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