Dachcom creates overall appearance for Glaeser project

For the company Glaeser Projekt, Dachcom realized the new overall appearance with a focus on "Interior Design Innovations" and "Interior General Contracting".

In the fields of interior design and general contracting, Glaeser Projekt AG offers interdisciplinary solutions at the highest level. For the new overall branding and the new web platform, Dachcom has bundled the company's strengths and placed the focus on the two core competencies, which have now been given the designations "Interior Design Innovations" and "Interior General Contracting".

These core competencies and the associated service modules also form the clear structure of the appearance. The new identity of Glaeser Projekt AG lives from strong iconographic and typographic elements, impressive images of reference projects and is characterized by the claim "Personal, flexible, professional". Area icons were created for visual orientation.

The new website glaeser-project.ch, with a blog at its heart, focuses on the presentation of reference projects. The focus on the blog gives the website a dynamic structure that encourages users to intuitively discover services, values and projects.

In addition to screen design, content and technical implementation of the website, Dachcom also developed and produced an animated company presentation for events and presentations. In addition, a comprehensive profile documentation, the new letterheads and further digital measures were implemented.


Responsible Agency: DACHCOM Team Rheineck / St. Gallen

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