Farner realizes NFT Biannual Report for Tezos Foundation

The biannual report of Tezos Foundation, active in the field of blockchain technology, has been published - realized by Farner Agency.

Farner realisiert NFT-Biannual Report für die Tezos FoundationThe Tezos Foundation supports projects for the further development of the open source Tezos blockchain system and publishes a report every six months. The design of each report is dedicated to a specific focus topic and is translated into numerous languages. Farner Branding developed and designed the brand for the Tezos Foundation and has since realized the biannual reports.

The Biannual from March 2022 is all about the innovative Tezos NFT platforms hic et nunc and Objkt.com. The independent look of the platforms served as inspiration for the design of the report. The hic et nunc platform has attracted many creative artists, and selected works and artists from the community are featured in the report.

Responsible at Tezos Foundation: Roman Schnider (President Tezos Foundation), Clelia Malinverni (Communications Manager), Jan Albers (Head of Gaming Partnerships). Responsible at Farner Branding: Markus Gut (overall responsibility), Fabian Bertschinger (Creative Director), Noah Açil (Brand Designer), Fabian Sigg (Brand Designer), Jan Jenny (Brand Consultant).

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