Switzerland wins six gold medals

Premiere at the Best of Content Marketing Award: For the first time, the Austrian members of the Content Marketing Forum (FCM) hosted the award ceremony. The awards were presented in Vienna's Aula der Wissenschaften, a historic location dating back to the 17th century. "In its 16-year history, we are celebrating the Best of Content Marketing Award this year for the [...]

Premiere at the Best of Content Marketing Award: For the first time, the Austrian members of the Content Marketing Forum (FCM) hosted the award ceremony. The awards were presented in Vienna's Aula der Wissenschaften, a historic location dating back to the 17th century. "In its 16-year history, this year we are celebrating the Best of Content Marketing Award in Austria for the first time. Appropriately, we have a new submission record in our luggage with almost 800 submissions. We are particularly pleased about the more than 260 entrants from twelve countries. This means that the BCM is and remains the largest award for content marketing in Europe and has always been much more than just an association award," says Dr. Andreas Siefke, 1st Chairman of the FCM.Around 220 jurors evaluated the submissions and nominated 250 works for the awards ceremony, 67 of which received a BCM Award in Gold. Siefke: "The winners include established providers as well as a number of smaller providers and colleagues who are taking part for the first time. Here, too, the diversity of the content marketing industry is wonderfully reflected. This dynamism is particularly evident in the area of moving images and in the digital categories. "The BCM 2018 awards were given to corporate media across all channels and target groups: from corporate video and social media projects to the classic customer magazine. One of the central competition categories is "Content Strategy," in which the previous categories Content Impact and Content Distribution have been integrated. The categories of the BCM Awards are divided into Customer, Internal, Campaign, Sales and Reporting, each of which differentiates between target groups, industries and media forms.Die Mondovino-Welt"The Visitor"Gold in the category: Magazine B2C Tourism/TradePublisher: Zurich TourismAgency: Passaport AGZurich is visited by numerous business travelers who stay in the city for a short time and only get to know a small part of the versatile destination. These guests should be inspired by the magazine "The Visitor" and return as city explorers to fully enjoy the diverse offer.The high-quality magazine is published in Zurich hotels and is aimed specifically - but not exclusively - at business travelers.

Inspiration and information

"The Visitor" has been published once a year since 2014 in English, the business language. The content is divided into four chapters: Culture, City Life, Nature, Service. The content supports the positioning of Zurich as a cultured, natural and innovative city in the center of Europe, which is tailor-made as a vacation destination thanks to its creative city life, natural surroundings and proximity to the Alps.


One challenge is controlling the circulation, ensuring that guests take the magazine with them, and measuring the impact. Therefore, the support of the hotel partners is of high importance. The partners ensure the permanent and qualitative delivery. Parts of the production are also printed with a disruptor to support the desired takeaway.

Campaign success

The print channel "The Visitor" contributes to the cross-media goals in the 3600 activation approach within Zürich Tourism's content marketing strategy. The visual design and content are 100 percent controllable and thus of high relevance and quality, which is reflected in positive customer reactions. Measures include reader contacts, the number of repeat orders by our hotel partners, and qualitative reactions from guests and partners via personal feedback and emails. Seiten-Collage aus dem Corporate Book «Zürich bei Nacht»."Zurich by night"Gold in the category: Corporate Books Service/TradePublisher: Zurich Cantonal BankAgency: hilda design mattersA classic should be renewed. Books in the "Züri" series have been published for 45 years.The book series has now achieved cult status and has become a collector's item. In its communications, Zürcher Kantonalbank emphasizes its ties to the canton of Zurich - also to differentiate itself from its nationally and globally active competitors. The current issue is devoted to the topic of "Zurich by night. Ten articles highlight a wide variety of topics in different text formats - from reports and features to poems. A rap and a short crime novel were also commissioned.All contributions come from Zurich artists, authors, photographers and illustrators. The result is a unique and multifaceted homage to Zurich as a place to live and thus as a place where the bank operates. The publication is independent and completely free of references to the bank's business activities. It thus conveys the bank's basic attitude credibly and authentically, as a "close" financial institution in and for the canton of Zurich.


How can the brand values of Zürcher Kantonalbank be conveyed in a corporate book with stories far removed from the banking business? This is achieved through a consistent brand presence across all means of communication. The narrative and creative freedom within an authentic storytelling system redeems, through its credibility, the brand promise that is of central importance to the bank: Proximity.

Means of communication

The book was produced in a hardcover and a softcover version. The hardcover edition with a linen cover, screen printing and embossing was reserved for selected partners. The softcover edition is available in the bank's branches and can be obtained free of charge by anyone.The book was promoted via social media, in the customer magazine, and by means of animated trailers in the branches and on the bank's website. A channel change suggested in the book leads into a specially produced video by the Zurich rap artist "Big Zis".

The success

There was sustained positive feedback: from customers, from business partners, from the media. In addition, the design won the Red Dot Award, the German Brand Award, the Berlin Type in silver, and gold from Best of Content Marketing. Now that the print run is slowly coming to an end, a trip to the nearest ZKB branch for a free copy is highly recommended.

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