Truestory wins social media pitch for the Suttero brand

The Zurich agency TrueStory won a social media pitch and has been responsible for the community management of the meta-accounts for the Suttero brand of meat producer Ernst Sutter since fall 2023.

The Suttero brand stands for traditional Swiss craftsmanship paired with innovation and sustainable production from Switzerland. "We are delighted to be able to accompany this traditional Swiss company in our creative way on social media and to always feel the support and openness of the marketing team at Ernst Sutter AG - we really appreciate that," says Miriam Beck, Social Media Manager at Truestory.

After initial strategy planning and the creation of a visual framework, Truestory now designs and implements the content plans for social media on a monthly basis. "Conveying Suttero's brand values in moving images, animations or stills on Facebook and Instagram in a platform-appropriate way is at the forefront of our work. Another focus is on engaging the community and providing inspiration in the food sector," Beck continues.

Content opportunities include engagements at events in Eastern Switzerland such as Olma and OFFA, sponsoring activities, recipe suggestions, Competitions or sustainability issues.

Responsible at Ernst Sutter: Katja Roth (Suttero brand manager), Michael Sedda (overall responsibility for marketing). Responsible at Truestory: Norbert Rieger (Project Management & CD), Miriam Beck (Social Media).

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