Traditional brand Stewi with a big comeback from TheGuys

Last summer, things were not looking good for the well-known brand with the rotary dryer. But after the takeover of the Stewi Group by Reichardt AG, things are moving forward - now the cult brand wants to become more innovative in terms of communication.

After things did not look good last year for the traditional Stewi brand ( reported), there is now good news to mark its 77th anniversary: The traditional Swiss company from the laundry drying sector is announcing its comeback. Since the takeover of the Stewi Group by the Rhine Valley-based company Reichardt AG in August 2023, future-oriented measures have already been taken in all key business areas to make the cult brand with its Winterthur roots fit for the next 77 years, according to a press release.

This also includes measures in strategic brand positioning and communication. TheGuys has now been brought on board as the lead agency to make the brand better known among the younger generation. The new brand management and communication should therefore be as unconventional and innovative as possible, reinvent itself, remain open and have the courage to try out fresh approaches. This is not just a campaign, but also a long-term strategic task in the area of brand development and brand management.

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