Customer growth: Martin et Karczinski works for Leica Camera

Camera manufacturer Leica Camera is the latest addition to the portfolio of brand consultancy Martin et Karczinski.

Martin Peter, founder and CEO of the Martin et Karczinski Group, with his Leica camera. (Picture: zVg.)

Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera, is looking forward to the collaboration with Martin et Karczinski: "It is based on a deep common understanding that a brand like Leica has a potential based on its identity that is unrivaled on the market worldwide."

Martin et Karczinski started a holistic identity process for Leica. This begins with a comprehensive diagnosis of the brand and its codes, through direct experience at all touchpoints of the brand journey as well as through encounters and interviews with people in the global Leica cosmos. This should result in a holistic picture and deep understanding of the brand, on the basis of which the brand's target identity can be developed. To kick things off, the brand makers invited Leica addicts and professionals to a round table at their Munich premises.

The magic of the brand as a success program for its future

For the future of the brand, Leica's success story is to be effectively continued with a clear positioning: "Using our Be.yond method, we will work on bringing the identity and potential of the brand to life in the most effective way," explains Peter Martin, founder and CEO of the Martin et Karczinski Group. "This brand experience will be experienced holistically for Leica's 100th anniversary - and make the brand sustainable for the future."

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