Webrepublic supports TX Group with Google Analytics 4 360

Zurich-based agency Webrepublic supports TX Group with licensing and support services for the latest version of Google Analytics. The goal is to optimize and expand the media company's entire digital offering in a data-driven manner. In particular, Webrepublic accompanies the TX Group during the migration to Enterprise Version 360.

By means of individual coaching sessions in various business units of the TX Group, Webrepublic aims to ensure seamless integration of Google Analytics 4 360 into the existing digital infrastructure. The agency offers ongoing support to translate data analyses into concrete recommendations for action to improve the user experience and target marketing measures. Special attention is paid to data security and user privacy.

"With our experience in using analytics tools, we are helping TX Group to improve its return on marketing investment through the use of cutting-edge technology, further strengthening its position as a key player in the Swiss media market," explains Urs Angst, Head of Marketing Technology, who is taking the lead on the project.

Crucial to this is the use of Google Analytics 4 360, which will replace the current version of Universal Analytics 360 in the summer of 2024 and offer enhanced tracking and data integration features. "The shutdown of the current tool and the change in data protection law in September are likely to pose challenges for many companies," says Dorian Kind, Director Data & Technologies at Webrepublic. "Migrating to a new setup is a very complex project. That's why it's important to prepare for it early. We help our customers navigate this challenge to fully realize the value of their first-party data and get them ready for a privacy-friendly future."

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