Dreifive supports Fust in the area of social media and advertising

Dreifive won a pitch and is now responsible for the social media accounts of Dipl. Ing. Fust.

As part of the collaboration, Dreifive has been managing the Instagram and Facebook social media channels since fall 2022. Further channels are also being planned. The different target groups are to be picked up with a fresh and modern social media presence.

In addition to the development of a new and channel-specific content strategy, the visual appearance was constantly optimized, a full-funnel social advertising strategy was developed and the aspect of storytelling was used with the help of creative assets.

In general, the modern and fresh look on social media plays an important role in reflecting Fust's comprehensive product range. In addition, the mission in terms of competence, service, and delighting existing and new customers is brought to the fore, with a focus on addressing a younger target group.

"Together, we will continue to expand Fust's positioning in the social media channels and are very pleased to be able to accompany Fust strategically, creatively and with a full-funnel approach.

Responsible at Dipl. Ing. Fust: Emire Mustafa (E-commerce Manager), Melanie Benz (Content Manager E-commerce), Stefan Bischof (Webshop Manager). Responsible at Dreifive: Cheryl Schlatter (Teamlead Social Media Consultant), Viviane Widmer (Social Media Consultant), Flavia Hagen (Senior Social Media Consultant), Max Müller (Junior Digital Designer), Montserrat Urbiola Diaz (Art Director), Sandro Kohler (Teamlead Art Director Motion & Picture), Marleen Albert (Head of Social Media), Jolanda Kessler (Head of Digital Advertising).

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