Notch wins mandate for CSS fall campaign for the third time

After 2017 and 2020, Notch also won the CSS performance marketing mandate in 2023 together with Webrepublic and Hutter Consult, successfully defending it.

Previous successes on the market and in award shows, such as gold at Best of Swiss Web, SDV Award and Effie would have set the bar high for winning this pitch. In order to be convincing, the topic of performance marketing also had to be rethought from the ground up in the creative department.

A team of experts from strategy, art direction, copywriting, UX/UI, graphic and motion design, content creation, social media, technology and production worked together on the new vision for the CSS fall campaign 2023+. Artificial intelligence was also used, which will play a relevant role in 2023 not only in the area of playout or predictive advertising, for example, but also for creation.

"The AI-based creative approach convinces with its attention and takes personalization as well as automation to the next level", Sebastian Schönbächler, Online Marketing Manager at CSS, explains the pitch award to Notch, Webrepublic and Hutter Consult.

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