Three projects for neofluxes from the city and region of Biel/Bienne

The pension fund of the city of Biel, the newly launched region "Grand Chasseral" and the city of Biel have commissioned Neofluxe with their digital presences and a campaign.

For its 3,972 insured persons and around 70 affiliated employers, the Pension Fund Biel has developed Neofluxe a new web presence has been created. The focus is on policyholders, who can easily find and download all documents relevant to them, such as the application for early withdrawal of home ownership. A separate area has been created for the members of the board of directors and the city's finance committee, where documents can be assigned to individual meetings and invitation e-mails can be sent. These are controlled directly in the CMS.

The newly created brand "Grand Chasseral" serves as a communication tool for the Bernese Jura with the aim of increasing the attractiveness and awareness of the region. As a partner of the foundation "Fondation pour le rayonnement du Jura Bernois", Neofluxe was responsible for the conception and realization of the new Grand Chasseral website responsible. The connection between the region and the brand had to be visually appealing, and the solution had to be easy to use.

With the guiding principle "Big impact starts small", Neofluxe set about designing the campaign for the city of Biel because of the energy shortage. The result is "Saving energy: 56,355 Biel residents join in". The small yellow sticky notes form the common thread through the campaign, which is supported by Biel personalities and companies. The campaign kicked off at the end of November with a front page in the official gazette and the placement of the poster sujets in the city of Biel. Further measures - primarily digital and on social media - are to follow in the course of the winter.

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