Dreifive becomes Munz's social media lead agency

The Dreifive agency is now looking after the Munz brand from Maestrani on various social media channels.


As part of the collaboration, Dreifive is now in charge of the social media channels Instagram and Facebook. The various target groups are to be picked up on the channels with a fresh look.

In addition to the development of a new content strategy, the visual appearance will be optimized, a performance-oriented social advertising strategy will be developed and storytelling around the Munz brand will be pursued.

A special focus is on the upcoming launch of an innovative and sustainable product series in the fall. The goal is to get users excited about the product. With Swissness, authenticity and infotainment, more will be told about the products, the origin of the ingredients and the production.
For this purpose, authentic and informative content is to be generated, which is brought to the target group by means of storytelling.

"We are excited to take Munz's social media channels to the next level and position them with a cohesive strategy and thoughtful content," said Marleen Albert, Head of Social Media at Dreifive.

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