Gruber & Ianeselli gets Vertt going

The Swiss start-up Vertt wants to compete with Uber. Gruber & Ianeselli supports the ride service app as lead agency.

Gruber & Ianeselli

Contemporary technology solutions no longer come only from Silicon Valley. The new Zurich startup Vertt wants to outstrip the market giant Uber: With a ride service app that is supposed to be able to serve the conditions and the market in the best possible way thanks to a strong local anchoring.

Vertt is closer to its customers and thus offers them the best possible service, according to a statement. In addition, the regional nature of the company would allow for simpler structures compared to the competition, resulting in lower fares and fairer wages.

Reclaiming the Zurich party scene with Vertt

Gruber & Ianeselli is now leading the young company as lead agency. The first wave of campaigns targets a young, party-loving demographic to reclaim Zurich with Vertt's ride service. "We've been somewhat alienated from our own city by the pandemic. Time to revisit its beautiful and fun corners," says Creative Director Fabian Gruber.

In addition to local billposting in Zurich's districts 3 and 4, which are popular with partygoers, the campaign relies on performance-oriented online and social media advertising.

Vertt's goal is to expand the service to other Swiss cities and accelerate the expansion with matching campaigns from Gruber & Ianeselli.

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