APG|SGA is awarded the contract by the city of Schaffhausen

APG|SGA has been awarded the exclusive right for billposting in the city of Schaffhausen in a tender. The OOH company will manage 321 billboards on public land for ten years from 2022. Initially, ten spaces will be converted into digital City E-Panels, with further projects to follow.

With the poster offer within the scope of the city contract as well as the supplementary poster spaces on private land and in public transport, APG|SGA continues to offer local and national advertisers in Schaffhausen an attractive portfolio of offers, the company writes in a statement.

In the past, APG|SGA, as a long-standing contractual partner of the city, had already continuously expanded both the space portfolio and the contacts with regional market partners.

APG|SGA's bid would have ensured the best price/performance ratio in the tender, taking into account the qualitative aspects. Financial aspects accounted for 60 percent of the award criteria, and non-monetary aspects such as the market development concept, references, and sustainability were also weighted.

APG|SGA holds more than 500 advertising spaces on public and private land in the canton of Schaffhausen. In addition, there are more than 1,100 indoor formats and around 350 outdoor formats on public transport vehicles, as well as several sampling and promotion areas on the SBB station site.

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