Webrepublic defends SEA mandate from Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland Tourism has extended its cooperation with Webrepublic in the field of search engine advertising for at least two more years. The global SEA mandate focuses on a holistic marketing approach and the challenges of a changing market.

Tourism and the needs of travellers have changed significantly as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, and the industry is in a state of upheaval. Accordingly, new marketing measures are also required that take these processes of change into account. Switzerland Tourism and Webrepublic are tackling this challenge together: The Zurich agency has successfully defended the mandate in the area of search engine advertising, which has already existed since 2018, and extended it for at least two years.

"In its offer, Webrepublic responded in detail to the requirements of our tender for an SEA agency and showed existing potential in many areas. We hope that the collaboration with Webrepublic will enable us to gain even more insights into our target groups in the future through SEA," explains Etienne Copiery, Digital Marketing Manager at Switzerland Tourism.

Webrepublic implements the global SEA activities of Switzerland Tourism in seven languages for 16 different markets. The targeted and optimised playout of search ads is just as much part of the holistic approach as the observation of global tourism trends. In this way, it should be possible to identify market changes at an early stage on the basis of data and to incorporate these directly into the campaigns. Another key aspect is insights into the needs of the target group, which are based on a sound data foundation with a focus on first-party data and Google data.

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