Dreifive is Minor brand's new social media lead agency

The Dreifive agency is now the social media agency for the Minor brand from Maestrani Swiss chocolates.

Dreifive ist neue Social-Media-Leadagentur der Marke MinorIn a multi-stage selection process, the agency showed itself from its best side and is taking over the management of Minor's Facebook and Instagram social media channels and developing them further. The aim is to optimally reach the target group and generate a uniform, fresh image.

The planned measures include a new content strategy, further development of the visual identity, community management, and performance-optimized social advertising. The goal is the strategic realignment of the channels and content logics as well as the development of a new social media visual identity. The agency has set out to take the brand's existing Facebook and Instagram channels to a new level through appealing and visual storytelling with innovative formats.

On the social media channels, the successful launch of the new Minor Almond was given special focus. For the market launch, Dreifive created innovative ad formats with a new look and feel, as well as authentic and value-added content at eye level to address the relevant target group and optimally integrate the new product into the existing portfolio.

In the future, unique and "snackable" content will be created around the Minor Original chocolate stick and the new Minor Almond in order to inspire users for the brand and the products and to convince them with authenticity on social media.

Responsible at Maestrani Swiss chocolates: Jasmine Rusch (Marketing Manager), Cordula Glasmacher (Lead Branding & Communications), Christoph Birchler (CEO Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen AG). Responsible at Dreifive: Tiziana Tarzia (Senior Social Media Consultant), Tosca Peruzzi-Vieli (Social Media Consultant), Flavia Hagen (Junior Social Media Consultant), Marleen Albert (Head of Social Media), Montserrat Urbiola Diaz (Art Director), Max Müller (Junior Digital Designer), Sarah Wickli (Senior Digital Marketing Consultant), Marcel Oppliger (Managing Director).

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