Mediaschneider wins pitch for Starbucks Switzerland and Austria

Mediaschneider has prevailed in a pitch for Starbucks. The media agency won the entire budget for the company's own restaurants in Switzerland and Austria. The contract covers all media types.

The focus of the creation is on activating both regular guests and new customers to enjoy the summer drinks. Depending on the weather and temperature, the appropriate subject is played. The strategy requires intelligent and precise control, locally adapted with proximity to the cafés.

Digital channels such as Programmatic, Social Media and Programmatic Digital Out of Home are used. Special attention is paid to local support around the POS in order to increase the frequency in the cafés.

According to Starbucks marketing manager Kerstin Goutier-Sauer, Mediaschneider was chosen because of its understanding of the brand and its goals as well as the detailed elaboration of the campaign.

The first joint campaign is currently on air in Switzerland and Austria.

Responsible for Starbucks: Thomas Egger (Marketing & Category Specialist), Kerstin Goutier-Sauer (Marketing Manager). Media concept: Janine Nussbaumer, Hennig Helbig, Susanne Schlatter (Mediaschneider), Dominik Steiner (Hoy).

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