Webrepublic becomes new digital lead agency of Vision Group

As of June 1, 2021, Webrepublic will take over the planning and implementation of the marketing strategy for all contact lens brands of the Vision Group. The Zurich-based agency convinced the online retailer for contact lenses with holistic performance marketing and the establishment of a sustainable data and technology infrastructure.

"The Vision Group wants to establish itself as the largest and most successful contact lens platform in Switzerland and surrounding countries in the next few years," is the ambition of the Swiss market leader and its new digital lead agency Webrepublic. The strategic focus is on a holistic approach that puts the relationships and interdependencies between the individual areas in online marketing at the center.

"As a proactive sparring partner, we will support Vision Group AG in leveraging the full potential inherent in digital marketing to achieve their business goals in a cost-efficient and effective manner," said Lars Neumann, Partner at Webrepublic.

In order to achieve the business goals in a cost-efficient and effective manner, the entire potential inherent in performance marketing is to be exploited, thus creating ideal conditions for growth in the German-speaking region.

According to Webrepublic, the first step is a strategy workshop with subsequent restructuring of the Google Ads setup. In addition, affiliate and newsletter marketing will be analyzed and specific recommendations for action derived. In the longer term, Webrepublic develops an individual SEO strategy for each Vision Group website. The establishment of an adaptable data and technology infrastructure is intended to ensure that the online retailer is equipped with a state-of-the-art solution for future challenges in digital marketing - for example, limited tracking options due to the end of third-party cookies.

For more than ten years, Webrepublic provided SEA support to Discountlens, a brand that now belongs to the Vision Group. As of the beginning of 2021, Lensvision took over Urbach AG, and both companies were merged under Vision Group AG. According to the company, this step created important synergies to make the vision - to create the most user-friendly platforms and products for customers - a reality.

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