A.Vogel enters the new health age with Ogilvy

Ogilvy Switzerland beat the competition in an international pitch process and is now supporting the A.Vogel brand in its transformation into a new age of health.

The agency is stepping in to make the appearance of the A.Vogel brand, which manufactures products such as Echinaforce and also Herbamare, fit for the next 100 years.

"Ogilvy Switzerland is a grounded, professional crew that scored with very good ideas, a sensible project concept and a strong visual language. The exciting pitches, the reputation and the international network ultimately tipped the scales," says Andy Suter, CEO of A.Vogel.

In the new appearance, the fresh, organically grown raw materials are to come even more to the fore in order to inspire young and old for the power of herbal medicines and food supplements.

The first works are to be seen globally as early as 2021.

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