The Iundf family steps on the gas together with Autosense

Autosense makes more out of its users' cars. Now the Iundf family is making more of the digital service provider's advertising. Since the beginning of the year, the agency family from Zurich's Kreis 5 has not only been responsible for the creation, but also for media consulting and media handling of Autosense with Iundf Media Impact.

Autosense, the digital service provider for everything to do with cars, has been relying on the creative expertise of Inhalt und Form for some time. This collaboration has become even closer since the beginning of the year with the acquisition of Autosense's media business by Iundf Media Impact. By the end of March, the first result of this collaboration was already a cross-media and strategically cleverly planned campaign that reached the target group not only via social media, but also directly at the POS via Gas Station TV.

In a performance-oriented always-on campaign, drivers are specifically addressed via programmatic advertising using clever data targeting. In a test-and-learn approach, messages and formats are continuously tested, analyzed, revised and expanded in close coordination between creative and media. According to the Iundf family, further projects are already in the pipeline.

Responsible at Autosense: Nicolas Noth (CMO); Betül Cam (Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible for Iandf Media Impact: Sandra Fehr (Managing Partner); Larissa Mörgeli (Senior Media Consultant). Responsible for content and form: Dominik Stibal (CEO); Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director); Manuela Marty (Strategist); Nicolas Krönert (Digital Consultant); Mato Bilic (Motion Designer); Yannick Lippuner (Junior Copywriter).

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