Five new customers for Admire

The digital transformation agency Admire now looks after five clients: Ipso Bildung, Swiss Casinos Holding, Atoba, Quartier Ausserholligen and Gigaset Switzerland.


The agency convinced the jury with its digital approach and creative thinking. In order to do justice to the ever-widening gap between an emotional customer experience and digital convenience, customers need added values that are easy to understand and presented in a pointed way. Equally important is the handling of data and the insights gained from data analysis that can be meaningfully integrated into apps. This overall package convinced the customers and formed the cornerstone of the longer-term collaboration.

Since its founding in 2011, the team around CEO Boris Aebi has already served over 90 clients within the scope of more than 700 projects. Admire's client base includes major customers such as the Swatch Group, Swiss Tennis, Swiss Prime Site, Tamedia, Halter, but also regionally rooted companies such as Auto Marti or the Mini Center Bern.

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