Scholz & Friends Zurich launches global launch campaign for Medela Baby 

Scholz & Friends Zürich konnte sich nach einem mehrstufigen Auswahlprozess als Agenturpartner für die internationale Einführung der Marke Medela Baby durchsetzen.


Medela is a globally active company in the development of breastfeeding products and solutions as well as therapeutic medical technology. With Medela Baby, Medela is expanding its product range with a new baby care product line. The campaign will initially be rolled out in the USA, Canada and Switzerland, before successively expanding to other European countries as well as China and Australia.

The central idea of the campaign with the claim "In love we grow" focuses on the loving bond between baby and mother, which is strengthened and deepened during this time of growing together. Babies are not just passive recipients, but play an active role in shaping the mother-baby relationship, as research has shown. The relationship is characterized by a high degree of reciprocity and the ability of both to give each other love, support and security. Medela Baby products promote the development of this important bond between mother and child.

In addition to various video and banner formats, the international, fully orchestrated campaign includes a comprehensive social media content concept, advertisements and point-of-sale measures. The different markets and cultural areas are taken into account with a wide variety of motifs and, at an operational level, with a comprehensive toolkit for the implementation of local measures.

Responsible at Medela: Anita Treiber (Chief Marketing Officer); Aniko Sorok-Rencz (Senior Director Global Marketing Manager); Elisa DaCosta (Head of Global Product Marketing - Consumer), Sandra Rückewold (Senior Global Product Marketing Manager).

Responsible at Scholz & Friends:  Luca Stancheris, Maira Weidmann, Aster Loerli, Martin Stulz, Erika Unternährer, David Fischer, Christian Vosshagen (Creation); Elisabeth Gutmann, Freyja Hablitz, Victoria Kirsch, Mathias Rösch, Tobias Händler (Consulting & Strategy); Kerstin Mende (Art Buying).

Directed by: Katie Bell; Film production: mito communications Zrt. Photography: Achim Lippoth

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