Dreifive wins Durgol

The Zurich agency Dreifive was able to win the Düring company as a new client and will accompany the Durgol brand from 2021.


The agency will implement a new digital brand strategy for Düring across various channels in the DACH region. In particular, a well thought-out and channel-specific social media strategy with corresponding country-specific content is of great importance. Further measures include comprehensive SEO support for the brand website including content production for Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Dreifive developed a comprehensive digital strategy for Durgol that takes into account the different positioning and maturity of the brand in the individual markets, as well as local conditions specific to the target group, in order to achieve measurable success with efficient measures.


Brand consolidation and new market potential 

The aim is to consolidate the Durgol brand in the areas of "descaling" and "cleaning", to sustainably anchor the product portfolio and the areas of application among consumers of different age groups, and also to exploit new market potential - taking into account the complex country-specific distribution channels.

The strategy is implemented through animated, emotional advertising media and performance-optimized social media ads as well as needs and solution-oriented website content - matching the defined personas and content clusters with regard to various topics related to a limescale-free and clean home.

Responsible at Düring: Yong-En Chau (Product Manager), Claudia Schmidt (Senior Product Manager), Andreas Hunte (Director Marketing, R&D, International Sales, Member of the Executive Board). Responsible at Dreifive: Jolanda Kessler (Head of Digital Marketing Consulting), Marleen Albert (Head of Social Media), Pascal Schumacher (Head of Digital Advertising), Rafael Müller (Junior Digital Marketing and Analytics Consultant), Christoph Spannagel (Head of SEO), Miriam Schrepfer (Senior Consultant Content Marketing), Johannes Fröhlich (Conversion Optimization & UX Consultant), Montserrat Urbiola (Art Director), Max Müller (Junior Digital Designer), Hendrik Schraven (Digital Rich Media Solutions), Marcel Oppliger (Managing Director).

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